Art Center Sněženka

Briefly about the Art Center

The project of the Center of Arts is dedicated to handicapped children. Their life is limited, they mostly can´t reach their aims without the external help. They don´t always have the possibility to go in for the activities that would satisfy them. At the same time it is important for them to reach out for tangible results. Those who during their childhood get success and good feelings from the experience of a meaningful work will tend to get the similar experience when they grow up.

The public doesn´t always accept such children as equivalent partners and doesn´t understand them. Many peoples attitude towards them is quite evasive. We have been trying to solve these problems.
We help the children to find a new positive dimension of life and inner satisfaction through their own creativity. Achieved results in art activities are used to show the public an uneasy life of these children. It´s important, as the final solution of the problems doesn´t only consist in financing but also in a helpful attitude of the public. The possibility to get involved in the society and internal self-fulfillment are not substitutable.

In the Center the children with a handicap meet the healthy ones and being led by artists they get experience in the independent creativity. The Center is situated in a lovely countryside and friendly atmosphere supports the creative motivation and positive results.
Children´s creation is shown in exhibitions, calendars, means of communication etc.

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